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RADIUS could tell you a lot more about fresh spatial design, straightforward interior architecture, and clear retail design. However, let's do that in a personal conversation, and we'll leave the floor here to our customers.

"We had the opportunity to work with Cornelia on several concepts, and the results are successful. Employees, residents, and external guests are delighted with the new design of the spaces. The collaboration was pleasant and professional."

Natasa Brin, Stiftung Mühlehalde Zurich

Executive Management, Hotel Management Area

"Cornelia is our interior design partner who empathizes with the memories, stories, and images of our residents and guests, bringing them back to life in the interior design."

Michael Winkler, Construction Projects and Real Estate, Senevita AG Bern

Michael Winkler, Senevita Bern.jpg
"RADIUS Interior Design competently and with great dedication carried out our office renovation. Thanks to the creative ideas of Cornelia Schranz, our office has a fresh new look."

Petra Klima, Project Manager, ecoptima ag Bern

"Thanks to your expertise and professional approach, I now have a beautiful acupuncture practice. I am delighted to work in this lovely environment every day. Thank you for the excellent collaboration."

Beat Räz, Managing Director, Acupuncture Vis à Vue Fribourg

Beat Räz.jpg
Beat Zurflüh.jpg
"I have been working with Cornelia for several years, and I am always amazed by her spontaneous, creative, and stylish implementations."

Beat Zurflüh, Designer, atelier bpunkt gmbh Bern

"The redesign of our expanded office was enriched by Mrs. Schranz with many great ideas, material and color selections, and she actively supported the implementation with our partners. We can highly recommend her company RADIUS Interior Design."

Albrecht Lang, Managing Director, Ophardt Hygiene AG Niederbipp

Albrecht Lang breit.jpg
Andreas Worni, breit Zahnarztpraxis am Bellevue.jpg
"I had the opportunity to carry out the renovation of our dental practice with RADIUS Interior Design. Every day when I enter the practice, I am delighted by the harmonious concept that runs through the entire space."

Andreas Worni, Bellevue Bern Dental Practice

"RADIUS Interior Design has done an excellent job in bringing together functionality and design for the project of the new newsroom of Keystone-SDA in Bern. RADIUS Interior Design closely accompanied the entire planning process and implementation with great flexibility."

Philipp Gian Fontana, Managing Editor, Keystone-SDA-ATS AG Bern

Philipp Fontana_3A breit.jpg
Karin Meister breit.jpg
"The straightforward approach and the appropriate solution proposals are professional and original. I enjoy working with RADIUS Interior Design."

Karin Meister, Head of Back Office, Büro Bischof Bern

"Cornelia, with her competent advice on new lighting, has created a welcoming entrance for us. Her pleasant and humorous demeanor quickly transformed our uncertainty and diversity into courage, joy, and unity. We are simply thrilled with this solution."

Thomas Biner, Biner Practice (Group Practice)

Thomas Biner.jpg
Beat Blaser breit.jpg
"For several years, I have been working successfully with RADIUS Interior Design. What is discussed is consistently upheld and implemented very reliably by Cornelia. I can highly recommend RADIUS Interior Design!"

Beat Blaser, Managing Director, Büro Bischof Bern

"Thanks to the collaboration with RADIUS Interior Design, a gentle renovation of the protected historic public spaces at the Swiss Social Archives in Zurich was carried out in 2016. Thanks to the smooth planning and execution, the renovation was completed in just three weeks."

Vassil Vassilev, Head of Usage, Swiss Social Archives Zurich

Vassil Vassilev.jpg
Mirco Bernsaconi breit, Kirchgemeinde Wohlen bei Bern.jpg
"Cornelia Schranz has well understood and excellently implemented the needs of both us and the conditions of the Kipferhaus in Hinterkappelen." 

Mirco Bernasconi, Operations Manager, Kipferhaus Hinterkappelen

"Cornelia showed remarkable flexibility in engaging with our project and presented ideas and solutions in a very short time that turned our spaces into exceptional living environments. Spaces where residents and employees feel comfortable, inspired, and secure. Collaboration with Cornelia is always collaborative and highly solution-oriented." 

Cati Hürlimann, Operations Manager at Viva Luzern Rosenberg, Lucerne

Portrait_Mathias breit.jpg
"With the professional support of RADIUS Interior Design, I was able to remodel and design my studio according to my ideas and needs. I wholeheartedly recommend RADIUS Interior Design."

Mathias Schranz, El Mundo Bern

"Cornelia combines personal demands and ideas exceptionally well with her fine and high-quality design sense."

Michel Wirth, Kobler and Partner, Bern

Mischu-Wirth-Kobel-Partner-Bergfuehrer-web breit.jpg
Thomas Hadorn, Garaio AG Bern breit.jpg
"Thanks to the collaboration with RADIUS Interior Design, we have efficiently and affordably refreshed and modernized our offices. We consistently aligned the interior design with the users' needs and the architecture of the building."

Thomas Hadorn, Head of Marketing and Sales, GARAIO AG Bern

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